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By Charlie Ruffolo 18 Dec, 2017

During the time you spend studying your craft you’ll gain knowledge and experience. Combined these elements will give you the tools you will need to launch a successful career. But not everything that you need to know will be in a textbook or demonstrated in a lab; learning from the experiences of others offers you real world examples, scenarios, problems, and solutions that you’ll be able to apply in the future. That is exactly what Michael White, Chef at Be Our Guest in Disney World, took away from his time at Louisiana Culinary Institute .

After he made his decision to attend culinary school, the reputation of LCI preceded itself. Louisiana Culinary Institute was the first and only school he considered. It was convenient, it has the best reputation, and during his interview he immediately recognized that this was the place for him.

As mentioned earlier, the classes at LCI are great, but what really makes this the premier culinary school is the stories that the chefs told. Instructors and faculty shared real life, real world stories, and were very honest and up front. These stories really prepare the students for life outside of the classroom .

What words of wisdom would Chef White have for future students and graduates of LCI? Simply don’t take this time for granted, it goes by way too fast. Be sure to take every word from any instructor to heart, you will use it one day.  

By Charlie Ruffolo 15 Dec, 2017

One common question you may have asked yourself in school was, “am I ever going to use this?” This can be a valid question depending on the topic and on the career that you’re working toward. If you aren’t going to be an engineer, you may not use calculus very often. Not going to be a chemist? Then you may not refer to the periodical table much outside of chemistry class. While an important part of a well-rounded education is having access to different concentrations and a variety of subjects, it is also important that your institution prepares you for real-world situations and life in the professional world. This is exactly what happens at Louisiana Culinary Institute .

When you decide to pursue a culinary career and attend culinary school there are the obvious skills you expect to learn, as well as the different concentrations that you are passionate about. However talk to any chef, manager, or restaurateur, and they’ll tell you that there is a lot more that goes on in the real world than just what happens inside the kitchen.

Whether you opt for a degree in advanced culinary arts , advanced baking and pastry , or hospitality & culinary management you will receive the highest training in techniques, strategy, and all things culinary. And as important as these skills will be as you begin your career, you’ll also be exposed to mathematics, English composition, leadership, accounting, entrepreneurship, and more.

These classes will prepare you for the ins and outs of everyday life in a restaurant, bakery, or hotel. Another additional benefit from a comprehensive curriculum is that you won’t be relegated to your single focus. As well as the peripheral classes that will give you the knowledge to manage the indirect responsibilities of running a kitchen, you’ll also be exposed to other concentrations as well; allowing you to know what goes into each role in the culinary sector.

At Louisiana Culinary Institute you will be prepared for each element of the real culinary world. Everything is in place from an experienced staff, to a carefully cultivated curriculum that will give you the skills and tools to be successful.

By Charlie Ruffolo 15 Nov, 2017

The students that pass through the doors of any educational institution all have unique stories, and all take their own path. Navy veteran and Louisiana Culinary Institute alumna, Aimee Tortorich of Gov’t Taco is no exception.

Tortorich began her culinary education at the Art Institute in San Diego, California. While enrolled, her mother fell ill and she left school to return home to Louisiana to care for her. After she recovered and the time came for her to return to California, she opted to stay in Louisiana.

After researching a number of schools she toured LCI. To say she was impressed would be an understatement. It didn’t hurt that the first chef she worked for, Nathan Gresham, was also an LCI alum and helped along the way. Tortorich’s love for the competition and the local chefs sealed the deal. She enrolled as a transfer student.

What was the best part of her education at Louisiana Culinary Institute? Students were encouraged to volunteer; the faculty to student ratio was also a key benefit; and the real world competitions like the Race to Cannes, were all high points of her time at LCI.

Tortorich also offers some words of advice for current and future LCI students , “Try out as many different fields as possible. LCI offers so much. Get involved and test out every aspect from catering to management.”

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