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Transfer Students

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Transfer Students

The Louisiana Culinary Institute offers transfer credits for students who qualify.

The Louisiana Culinary Institute (LCI) accepts the following items eligible for transfer credits within the LCI program. Please note that all determinations are made by either the Dean of Education or the Compliance Officer after submission of official documentation to the Admissions Office.

1. Earned Credits from Accredited Institutions and the United States Armed Forces
Upon submission of an Official Transcript from an Accredited Institution or the United States Armed Forces, LCI will examine a student’s transcripts for passed courses which are directly related to the courses in which transfer credit is being applied. Grades received in the course as well as the course description are examined when making a transfer credit determination.

2. Advanced-Placement (AP) Program of the College Board
AP exams are administered by the College Board each May to students who have participated in the AP program. LCI awards credit based on AP exam scores in the following courses:

Minimum Score Courses Credited
English Language & Composition 3 ENG 101
English Language & Composition 4 ENG 101 and ENG 201
English Language & Composition 5 ENG 101, 201 and 301
Mathematics: Calculus AB OR BC 3 MAT 101
Psychology 3 PSY 201

For information on the AP Program, contact the following: AP Program, The College Board, 45 Columbia Ave., New York, NY 10023.

3. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Examinations
LCI is an open CLEP Testing Center that administers CLEP tests to both LCI and NON-LCI students. Students planning to take a CLEP test should first register and pay for the test on the CLEP website at  and then schedule a testing date and time with LCI administration. LCI charges a small $5 site administration fee on the day of testing.

Students who receive at least the following minimal score on the CLEP Subject Examinations can receive LCI course credit. LCI’s CLEP code is 4349. LCI awards credit for the following scores:

CLEP Examination Required Score Credits Granted  Equivalent Course
American Literature 50 7 ENG 101, 201 and 401
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature  50  7  ENG 101, 201 and 401
College Algebra 50 3 MAT 101
College Mathematics 50 3 MAT 101
College Composition Modular 50 3 ENG 101
College Composition Modular with Optional Essay  58  5  ENG 101 and 201
College Composition 50 5 ENG 101 and 201
English Literature 50 7 ENG 101, 201 and 401
Financial Accounting 50 2 HCM 305
Information Systems 50 1 HCM 102
Introduction to Psychology 50 3 PSY 201
Principals of Management 50 2 HCM 304

For more information about CLEP Subject Examinations, please visit

4. ACT or SAT Scores
A student’s ACT or SAT score can also provide for LCI credit awarded in Math and English. LCI’s ACT Code is 6981.  LCI awards credit using the following ACT or SAT Scores:

MATH 101 (MAT 101) CREDIT (either ACT or SAT)
ACT SCORES  ACT Math Score25 or higher SAT SCORES  SAT Quantitative Score570 or higher
ENGLISH 101 (ENG 101) CREDIT (either ACT or SAT)
ACT SCORES  ACT English Score26 or higherACT English Score + Composite*53 or higher SAT SCORES  SAT Critical Reading Score590 or higher
*For example, if you have an English ACT Score of 26 and a composite ACT score of 27, you will be credited with English 101.
ENGLISH 101 AND 201  (ENG 101 and 201) CREDIT (either ACT or SAT)
ACT SCORES  ACT English Score32 or higherACT English Score + Composite*65 or higher SAT SCORES  SAT Critical Reading Score720 or higher
*For example, if you have an English ACT Score of 32 and a composite ACT score of 33, you will be credited with English 101 and 201.