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Graduate Satisfaction Survey

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Graduate Satisfaction Survey

Congratulations on the successful completion of your LCI program. You are now a part of the LCI alumni family. We value your feedback concerning your experience while at LCI. LCI prides itself on being committed to having a strong student centric focus. Please help us continue to improve by completing the short survey below.

Graduate Satisfaction Survey

  • Administrative

  • This questionnaire asks for feedback on your student experience while at the Louisiana Culinary Institute. Your feedback is valued and contributes to decisions that will improve our program for future students. For each statement please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement by selecting the appropriate number which indicates your satisfaction level. The satisfaction scale ranges from 5-1. (5- Definitely Agree, 4- Mostly Agree, 3- Neither Agree nor Disagree, 2- Mostly Disagree, 1- Definitely Disagree). There is an area for general comments at the end.
  • Instruction

  • Overall Satisfaction