Academic support is available for all students.

Instructor-led Tutoring:

Each student has access to extra help during scheduled times with an instructor during the week. Classes are not held on Friday so students needing additional support are highly encouraged to take the opportunity to come in for extra help on Friday with advance scheduling to meet one on one with instructors.

*Students always have the opportunity to receive one on one support from instructors in areas of concern. LCI provides ample opportunities for student support that students must elect to receive.

Chef Mentors:

Every student is assigned a Chef Mentor upon enrollment for individual support. The Chef Mentor is an initial point of contact for student help and will remain in contact with the student for the duration of the program.

Students who:

  1. Are having trouble academically
  2. Are in need of tutoring
  3. Are eligible for accommodations for a documented disability or
  4. Are needing a specialized education plan are required to inform their perspective instructor, the Director, or a member of the Student Services Department in order to make arrangements for these needs. LCI will make accommodations, within reason, with student documentation.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
All students are required to maintain SAP while in attendance, regardless of whether or not the student receives financial aid. Students who fail to meet the standards of this academic policy may be placed on probation or dismissed from the program. For details concerning any policy, please see the Louisiana Culinary Institute General Catalog.