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Employment Verification

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Employment Verification

Please update your employer information. We will gather this information at specific points after you graduate for up to a year to see how you are doing and to offer career services support if needed. Please update this information as it changes so that we are aware of your achievements and can be of assistance as you progress towards your personal career goals.


Employment Follow Up

  • LCI prides itself on administering programs that prepare chefs and hospitality management professionals to provide world class service within the food service and hospitality industries. We would appreciate your feedback to ensure that our programs continue to prepare students to achieve their goals. While you are not required to respond to this survey, your cooperation is needed and greatly appreciated. Your feedback will help assist us as we continue to evaluate our programs for effectiveness and improve them as necessary.
  • Student Post Graduate Follow Up Form

  • Please complete only one salary option box below. For hourly paid employment complete option 1 and list your base hourly pay per hour. For annual salary please select option 2 and list your annual salary base pay. Do not include overtime in your base pay.