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Clubs & Student Activities

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Clubs & Student Activities

The Garden Club

Garden Club kicked off to a great start this school year. On Friday, September 27, 2013 several of our students gathered to clean up the garden and move plants in preparation for next season. The Garden Club has grown exponentially with more students taking interest and caring for the garden on Fridays. On October 11, 2013 a fresh load of dirt was dispersed throughout our garden with the help of students and Mr. Keith Rush, owner and CEO of LCI.

ACF of Greater Baton Rouge

The ACF of Greater Baton Rouge partnered with Healthy BR, BREADA’s Red Stick Farmers Market, BREC on the Geaux, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Bookmobile to host Chef’s Outreach to the Community Day on October 23, 2013. The event was held at Star Hill Church for the students and parents of Capital Middle School.

Louisiana Culinary Institute’s chef instructor Christina Nicosia along with LCI students participated in the event by talking to the middle-school children about nutritious eating. The children traveled from station to station learning about healthy grains, picking better drinks (smoothies instead of soft drinks), planting seeds in a cup of dirt and healthier snacks. LCI participants served carrots and hummus dip along with goat milk and beet shakes, which the kids really liked. Grain salad made with quinoa was also served.

Student Demonstrations

Students at the Louisiana Culinary Institute often have the opportunity to share their talents with the public through televised and special invitation visit demonstrations. Our students are frequently asked to share amazing recipes and culinary tips. Being a student at LCI brings tremendous opportunities and early exposure to many of the most exciting experiences within the culinary and hospitality industry.

We would like to share a few of our most recent student demonstrations: