Prospective Students

We are excited to receive your application. Please take a moment to complete the following application form. Once received we will contact you to take the next step.

Louisiana Culinary Institute Application

  • References

    Please list current or recent managers, supervisors, or teachers. Do not include relatives. References must be willing to write a letter of recommendation or discuss your skills by phone. Three references required.

  • Work History

    Tell us about the last three places you've worked.

  • Education History

    Tell us where you received your education.

  • Have you been convicted of a felony? If yes please explain. Know that honesty is appreciated at LCI and you will not be excluded based solely on this question.
  • Please include an essay, not to exceed 750 words, describing why you would like to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts.
  • Application Fee

  • Price: $25.00
  • American Express
  • Conclusion

  • In exchange for the consideration of my application for admission by the Louisiana Culinary Institute, I agree that the information supplied here is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I have supplied this information of my own recognizance. I understand that falsification of any information provided may result in the immediate disqualification of my application.

A $25 application fee is due before we will review your application Рpay it here.